Surfboard Transport Singapore

Do you have some surfboard and luggage’s to shift, but they just won’t get into the boot of a taxi! Have you experienced this before? If your answer is yes then worry no more, the solution to your problem is here. Our Maxi Cab and Minibus surfboard transfer service are catered for you. No one would want to board an MRT or a bus with all these bulky items or are we allowed to? All in one, your bulky items and you in one vehicle. How does this sound? All you must do is call us shortly before you wrap up with your trip and before you know it, our friendly chauffeurs are on the spot ready to pick you up with your surfboards. So why go through all the hassle when we have the Maxi Cab bulky items transfer service to offer you. Providing you with a fruitful shopping and transporting experience.

13 Seater Mini bus booking Singapore

MaxiCab Now is the perfect place if you are looking for 13 Seater Mini bus booking Singapore. Our Minibus service can serve up to 13 tourists or 9 tourists with whole their luggage. This becomes possible due to its flexibility in which we can fold the four seats in the end for storage.

Minibus Service for People who needs Bicycle Taxi Transfer Singapore

We primary priority is your safety, that's why each of our 13 Seater Minibuses is provided with three-point seat belts and strictly follow the local security protocols of Singapore. The 13 seater Minibus Service is very famous among customers who need the Bicycle Taxi Transfer, and the 13 Seater Mini bus booking Singapore can assist you in carrying five people and up to 5 Bicycles. Moving of things from a point to the other can be headache-free with our 13 seater minibus transport services.

Bicycle Maxi Cab Singapore Booking

If you are planning a group trip to Singapore, then you must be worried about thinking of how to take them all together in a private vehicle. However, you need not to bother about anything once you move on a decision to choose the MaxiCabNow. We offer you with our most popular 13 Seater Mini bus to trip to Singapore, and the best thing that will access is the state-of-the-art luxury.