Top 10 Minibus Transport In Singapore

The minibus is a common mode of transportation for people all over the world. In Singapore, however, the minibus is a scarce commodity. Most minibuses in Singapore are used to transport children to school, although they can be used for many more purposes.

A minibus is an automobile that can carry more people than a general-purpose van, but less than a regular bus. It is a variant of the bus designed by Blaise Pascal in March 1662. The size of a minibus varies and can accommodate 9 to 17 passengers, which is slightly less than the capacity of a full-size bus.

1. maxicabnow.COM 9/13 Xl Maxi cab/Minibus has become a well-known name in transportation services within Singapore. We are a superior and vision-driven transport service provider. We offer a wide range of transport options to meet our customers’ needs.

The Xl Maxi cab/Minibus has proven to be an increasingly popular brand in Singapore over the years. In the past, the use of the Xl Maxicab / Minibus service was strictly limited to holiday makers renting a minibus to get around our city. Nowadays, many communities and businesses have started using this 13-passenger minibus. Our minibus service can accommodate a maximum of 13 passengers or 9 passengers with full luggage. This is often practical as the last 4 seats can be folded for storage

We normally put your protection first and that is why all our Xl Maxicabs/Combi are fitted with 3 point safety belts anchored in accordance with Singapore’s native safety requirements. Also, this minibus service is much discussed among our consumers who want the transfer service. In addition, our 13-seater minibus is suitable for up to 5 bicycles and 5 people. Move bulky items such as love seats, small storage cupboards and large containers from one area to another with ease using our bulky item transfer van service.

Our Xl Maxicab/Combi service is ideal not only for weddings but also for corporate events as we carry delegates for conferences and events with versatility which is due to the comfort and affordability of our 13 seater minibus.

Nowadays, it has become the norm in Singapore to travel abroad for a short holiday, even on weekends. Friends and extended families travel to multiple locations. The good news is that we tend to offer visits to numerous locations with our Xl Maxicab/Combi service. Look no further, pick up the phone and book a maxi taxi now. Booking is just a few clicks away and free of charge. You can always reach us by calling or texting this number +65 8300 0991 as we have courteous and friendly staff who are always ready to serve you.

2. Maxi Cab & Mini bus Hourly Disposal Charter in Singapore

There are many maxi cab and minibus charter services in Singapore, so what makes us different? Stories about transport companies and their rise to the top of the industry abound, but how credible are they? Here at SG Maxi Cab Singapore, we’ve come a long and hard way to the top, but we’ve made it by giving priority transportation services to all of our customers. We love providing them with top quality services because we value all of our customers.

Some experiences are to be enjoyed together with your loved ones. Whether you’re traveling on an exciting event like a vacation or something as mundane as a shopping spree, being together and enjoying the trip will stay with you for a long time. SGCab’s hourly services ensure you and your loved ones get the most out of the trip, while the driver ensures you arrive safely at your destination.

SGCab hourly service offers a wide range of maxi taxis and minibuses for you to choose based on your needs. A professional chauffeur to drive you around safely will help you relax during the ride.

Why should you choose SGCab among so many luxury taxi services in Singapore? Well, here are some of the many reasons

24 hour availability

You can always call us to make your reservation! Holidays are included.

Save money and time

What if we told you that you could enjoy a luxurious ride, save valuable time, avoid hassles and all of this without emptying your wallet? Seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, with SGCab you get all this and more. We put our clients on a pedestal and cater to their every travel need.

For example, if you need to travel many times in a day while shopping, paying for each trip would make a trip a very costly experience. Not to mention that waiting for a cab every time and haggling with the driver becomes too irritating when all you need to do is get the job done quickly.

Hourly service ensures you have a ride ready to take you to your next stop. This saves time and money that you would otherwise have to waste.

Use a single vehicle for all the hours you need to travel

A single ride for the whole day makes your job easier. If you need to travel all day or for several hours, continuously or intermittently, SGCab’s maxi cab and minibus make your journey easy and comfortable. Having a single ride that takes you to every stop you need to make takes a lot of the stress out of the trip.

You are looking at the city’s most trusted maxi taxi transport services. We have been in the maxi cab transportation industry for more than 10 years and it is our commitment to offer our customers our 100% quality of service.

3. Maxi Cab Minibus Hourly & Whole-day Charter

Why Choose Maxi Cab Minibus Full Day & Hourly Booking?

Some of the fantastic home moments can be experienced when traveling to a new u. s. together. And to ensure you have all the time of your life in Singapore this summer, a carefully considered itinerary is frankly in order. What you want to do is make sure you have all the elements of your time-out in use, from your plane tickets to your transportation upon arrival, to keep any problems at bay. Remember that traveling alongside backup plans or an organized itinerary will make this trip no longer just a project but a vacation.

So how can you help ensure an easy and carefree family vacation? Well, first you want to discover a reliable airport switch provider that offers buses, minibuses and even maxi taxis operating all day & hourly constitutional help for vacationers who want to discover the metropolis and its high-quality travel destinations. With an experienced bus company to assist you, you can experience your day trip and moments with your whole family.

What other advantages can your chosen transport service offer? Here are the benefits you and your family should be able to enjoy if you decide to hire an airport transfer:

Booking a Maxi Cab or Maxicab has never been easier! Planning a family vacation in Singapore? Hiring a 7 seater maxi taxi or 13 seater minibus will allow you to explore Singapore with much ease. There are many types of personal transportation in Singapore to choose from, but finding the right one for your travel needs can often be a challenge.

Save time and money.

Two of the biggest elements that almost always determine the itinerary and outcome of a vacation or day trip are money and time. Who doesn’t prefer to have a fun day while saving time and money? Choosing to grab a transport company’s deals in Singapore will save you from hailing taxis every time you want to explore the city.

As you can imagine, paying for taxi rides multiple times a day – for 3 or 4 days – will surely break your budget into several pieces. There are full and hourly rates to choose from – and these options are affordable and suitable for any budget.

One vehicle for your entire journey

Even if you only need an airport transfer for a day or for several hours, you are sure to find a company that offers these types of services for you. Choose between their full day and hourly charter services, you will definitely have the most convenient and practical vacation with the whole family. You just need to find the right airport transfer services that suit your travel needs and you’re good to go.

Best prices in town, or we’ll match the price!

Enjoy the adaptability of the exclusive on-demand charter service. It is the suitable option for business or pleasure. Whatever your requirements, our hourly booking solution (charter/rent) offers you customized use of the 7 seater maxi taxi or 13 seater minibus with a designated driver at hand for as long as you like. This is ideal if you need to travel to multiple locations for meetings or visits, or if you just love to travel. No ERP or parking fees. Be aware of Maxi Cab booking fees and call Maxi Cab Singapore Taxi Hotline at 9611 6622.

There is a minimum of three (3) uninterrupted hours. Solution for hourly disposals.

4. 13 Seater Maxi Cab / Mini Bus Singapore

Maxicab Xpress offers thirteen-seat maxi-cab (minibus) deals to major companies in Singapore. Our 13 seater maxi cab is convenient for airport transfers, city tours, weddings, corporate events, religious crews driving to various locations, event shuttle services, special events, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, city tours or just for you want a ride to the airport. Our minibus can ensure that each passenger has enough leg room and more than enough space for their luggage. If you get our 13 seater Maxi Cab, one way or round trip or hourly booking, our driver will be at your disposal during the condo period.

How many passengers can a minibus rent?

A Singapore minibus may not be quite as big as a full-size bus, but it can still carry up to 13 people. You can be sure that there is enough space for everyone in your group, then you will probably want to rent a larger vehicle like this.

While Singapore minibus sizes can range from 7 to 13 seaters, most of these cars are well maintained and have plenty of space for passengers and luggage. If you’re worried about finding a car that has all the space you need, you probably don’t need to think about hiring a minibus porter with us.

We value looks, which is why you should choose to ensure you have an immersive car to drive around in. There are some great looking minibuses available for hire; It’s very likely that you’ll be impressed by many of these preferences when you take a look at them.

Minibuses are not stupid and monotonous. Passenger car condominiums in Singapore are vibrant, fun and ideal for all types of occasions.


Singapore minibus hire is a famous oversized taxi provider in Singapore from which the thirteen seater minibus is an absolute cash prize. The 13 seater Singapore minibus, also known as 13 seater maxi cab, is the ideal choice for 13 people, uniquely designed with a huge storage space for luggage, untypical bulky items, boxes and even bicycles, these devices could easily be attached 13 seater maxicabs can be customized with reasonable house closure and their cost for constant prices.

Singapore Maxi Cab offers taxi service. Say no surcharges for altitude hours. Higher price due to traffic jams, top excursion fees for fees. We deliver all our transfers all days of the week, constant fee for every day. The thirteen seater minibus is a popular minibus reserved among consumers who want a thirteen seater maxi taxi or a thirteen seater minibus for airport transfers. If you need a thirteen seater van to travel between different locations within a certain amount of time, an online search for ‘van hire’, ‘van booking’ would be an easy hourly rate airline.

The 13 seater airport transfer minibus is a cost effective service priced at (SGD) 65 USD per transfer/departure service which works out to just 5 USD per pox. Even if you travel from west to east. No long wait as we have strategically placed our minibuses to get you within 5 to 20 minutes of your booking. And we also provide our 13 seater minibus for arrival transfer. Once you have hired a 13 seater minibus, our drivers dedicated to your minibus booking will monitor the flight landing time and pick you up from the airport accordingly.

Hourly charter minibus hire includes unlimited movements, precise expert chauffeur for you, ERP (toll) & Park. With our Flat Fares systems you would not have shipment shocks at the stop of the day. Pay only for the hours you employed the minibus.

Our minibus reservation is best for sightseeing and additional hourly minibus deals for all shuttle deals weddings. No higher reservation fees. Book a minibus in Singapore by contacting us via call/WhatsApp/email and we will make the basic arrangements. Make a better reservation through Singapore Maxi Cabs through online reservation portal in less than a minute.

6. Top School Mini Bus Charter In Singapore

MINIBUS-SINGAPORE.COM provides affordable, reliable and safe (seat belt equipped) Singapore school minibus charter services for primary, secondary, college, university and private schools across Singapore. Our English speaking, friendly and knowledgeable management team offers teachers, school administrators or parents carefully planned and tailor-made trips for all their transportation needs. We work hard to adapt our maxi cab and minibus services to fit the constraints of school and education budgets while providing excellent levels of comfort and safety for students, teachers and supervisors.

Quality vehicles for school minibus charter in Singapore

MINIBUS-SINGAPORE.COM prides itself on its modern, safe, reliable and quality vehicles. Our fleet of school bus rental companies in Singapore are driven by experienced, trained and fully accredited Singapore school bus charter drivers. We are also insured and accredited to accreditation standards with the Land Transport Authority of Singapore. offers quality school minibus charter and rental services in Singapore to meet all your travel/transportation needs throughout Singapore. By offering a range of quality vehicles from minibus hire to charter bus hire to luxury coach hire, Maxiicab & Minibus Minibus for Hire with Driver caters to student groups of all sizes scheduled at any time of the day or night throughout the year.

Some of Singapore’s top schools rely on our maxicab and minibus charters every day for their excellent school bus rentals:

Educational trips, excursions & transfers

MINIBUS-SINGAPORE.COM ensures everyone arrives on time, hassle free and ready for the event you are organizing. Whether you want to travel locally or travel interstate, we have a range of vehicles to suit every need and budget.

Transfers include daily excursions, sports transfers and events, sporting carnivals, swimming carnivals, swimming programs, camp transfers, educational trips and holiday programs. Our fleet consists of minibuses, charter buses and luxury buses that meet the needs of any size event, excursion or transfer you are hosting. Schools and colleges across Singapore use our minibus charter services daily for their minibus needs.

School camp

MINIBUS-SINGAPORE.COM offers specialized school camps on various attractions. Tailor-made packages can include itinerary planning and scheduling, accommodation, attractions and meals. Alternatively, if you have already planned your camp and just need transportation, our diverse fleet will cater to all your needs.

School run/shuttle service

Daily pre- and post-school contracted shuttles for students on designated routes are available throughout Singapore. These shuttles can be tailored to your school’s needs, with vehicle signage available upon request. Whether you’re looking for something to get students ‘around the corner’ or need to cover longer distances, we can tailor a regular school run to meet your needs.

Payment options offers various payment methods for your school group’s convenience, including bank transfer or cheque. We also have credit card options available online (MasterCard, VISA or AMEX through Paypal). If this does not suit your group’s payment preferences, please do not hesitate to contact our office and we will try to help you with your account. Our goal is to make your booking for a charter bus or cheap minibus in Singapore as smooth as possible.

The emergency contact is available around the clock is available 24/7 for our customers. Should any problems arise outside of our business hours, please contact us on +65 8121 2745 and follow the emergency prompt on the recorded message. Our in-office and out-of-hours staff are experienced and trained to deal with difficult situations and are happy to help with any queries.

Get in touch today to make your school minibus charter bookings!

Our friendly and knowledgeable management team provide carefully planned transfers and bespoke bus hire for school groups of all sizes traveling to any location. For regular transportation needs, our customers are assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will work directly with you throughout the process.

Request a free quote or contact us now on +65 8121 2745 for our affordable and reliable school minibus charter services and maxicab rental services in Singapore.

7. Best Affordable and Reliable Regular Staff & Workers Monthly Minibus Charter Transport Services

We provide affordable and reliable ad hoc/short term or long term employee and worker minibus charter services on monthly contract for many companies, from large corporations, SMEs, manufacturers and factories to pick up and ship their staff to and from desired locations after work. We cooperate and work together with our customers to plan the bus routes of their employees or workers as best as possible.

With our large fleet of minibuses, companies don’t have to worry about vehicle breakdowns or missing workers. Our 15-30 minute minibus charter replacement emergency transportation backup solution makes us the most effective solution for your staff and workers turning off minibus charter transportation.

We offer all companies, factories and contractors efficient and reliable monthly minibus charter transportation for employees and workers:

  • Bus transport of the factory workers
  • Staff Regular bus charters
  • Transportation for international employees/executives/VIPs
  • Single point-to-point transfer
  • Multiple transmissions
  • Shuttle bus solution
  • Transport to Tuas / Lim Chu Kang and so on
  • Transportation of construction and site workers.

We provide monthly minibus charter transportation, shuttle bus services to employees, clerks, as well as factories and construction workers, and also provide transportation solutions for shift or staggered lunchtime shuttle buses or odd shift workers. We offer the best and suitable monthly minibus charter choices for your employees and workers.

Your employees or workers may be in different areas of dormitories and must be picked up individually. Of course, we will carry out route research for you and advise and offer you practical and sensible solutions as well as the fastest possible route.

And we also pick you up and bring you to the nearest MRT stations.

We have set the standard for all our minibuses to arrive 10 minutes before the pickup time. This is to ensure that in the event of a disruption or breakdown we can send a replacement bus as soon as possible.


Shuttle hospital and medical staff

The last thing hospital and medical staff should be worried about is getting to work during these trying times. By booking a shuttle bus service for medical workers and hospitals, you are helping them eliminate one of the biggest sources of stress for your nurses, doctors, physical therapists and office workers to get them to the hospital or clinic every day. Maxicab And Mini Bus Charter Services are experienced in arranging long term shuttle services and we can help your team find the buses you need by calling us on +65-8121-2745.

Have greater and better direct control over health and safety measures.

You have no direct control over whether other people wear masks, how often the seats on trains or buses are disinfected, or how close people sit or stand on a public transport system. Our private shuttle bus service for medical staff and hospitals gives you the opportunity to set your own regulations.

Require your staff/passengers to wear masks and have their fever taken, ask your driver to disinfect themselves at the end of each trip, or request a 50-passenger bus even if you only need to transport 25 people, so that everyone has enough space to social distance. Your driver will always wear a mask and make sure the bus is cleaned, and your team will only be exposed to people they already work with instead of hundreds of strangers.

Accommodate your medical workers by customizing their itineraries and schedules.

Public transport mostly serves the center of cities, but does not fully reach the outskirts or suburbs. Our Medical Staff and Medical Staff Shuttle Bus Service allows you to create your own route and pick up staff even if they don’t live in downtown Singapore.

Normally, public transport is often designed to accommodate working hours from 9 a.m. to 5 a.m. At 7.30 a.m. or 5 p.m. there are significantly more buses or trains. than at midnight or 4 a.m. But hospitals and specialty clinics don’t work on a 9-5 schedule. A private shuttle bus service can accommodate shifts that start and end at any time. Just let us know when you need transportation and we will provide it.

Make sure your mode of transport is accessible to every team member.

Navigating train and bus stations can be difficult and time-consuming. You can ensure that every member of your team gets to private bus shuttle transportation services easily and conveniently.

The buses in our network also have ample storage space, giving employees the option to place backpacks and bags overhead or in the overhead compartments and stretch out their legs.

Let every employee relax after a hard shift.

Even when the world is normal, 12-hour shifts are difficult for frontline medical workers, and a pandemic is certainly not normal. You and your medical colleagues deserve to relax on the commute to and from work, and Maxicab And Mini Bus Charters can help with amenities like reclining seats and free WiFi. Instead of fighting traffic or squeezing into a crowded train, you can sit back in a comfortable seat, close your eyes, and listen to your favorite music or podcast without wasting your data.

Show your appreciation to your medical staff with a shuttle bus service.

Medical and hospital workers deserve as much comfort as possible during this physically and emotionally demanding time. A shuttle service can help you say “thank you” by removing the stress of commuting by car or public transportation. Your employees can be picked up where they live and board a comfortable, clean private bus at the end of their shift. If you’d like to show your colleagues how much they mean to you, call Maxicab And Mini Bus Charters at +65-8121-2745 to book a private medical staff shuttle bus service today.

Getting Started with the Medical Staff Shuttle Bus Service?

If you’re interested in hiring a shuttle bus but aren’t sure where to start, email or call us for discussions and quotes.

Our reservation specialists are available 24/7 to guide you through the rental process. Call us today at +65-8121-2745 to secure transportation for your next trip!

9. Airport Transfer Singapore (Changi Airport)

Our Singapore airport transfer services include all airports in Singapore namely Singapore Changi Airport, Seletar Airport, Paya Lebar Airport and also Marina Bay Cruise Center, Tanah Merah Ferry Terminals, Changi Ferry Terminals, Woodlands Railway Station (Singapore – Malaysia Train Connection). ) and many others.

Our arrival transfer service includes a 5 to 7 seater maxi taxi or a 9 to 13 seater minibus with driver.

Our airport transfer services take away all your stress and headache of getting taxi or transportation for your guests and family members when arriving or departing Singapore. We specialize in minibus charter and maxi taxi booking services for airport transfers, cruise terminals and all other checkpoints. With our experienced pool of drivers and a large fleet of minibuses and maxi-taxis, we ensure that you are transported safely and on time so that you do not miss your flight, ship or train.

Travel to your destination with ease, comfort and style anytime, anywhere in Singapore. Our airport transfer service is available 24 hours a day, including public holidays.

Book your Singapore airport transfer or other transfer services with us TODAY! Just relax and enjoy your trip and journey and let us do our work to make your trip an enjoyable and memorable one.

**Note: We also provide transportation services for private tours, city tours, sightseeing tours in Singapore, as well as charter services for transfers to Legoland and many parts of Malaysia.


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