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Singapore Limousine Airport Transfer

We are a leading name when it comes to Singapore airport limousine transfers. Once you have landed at the airport, you should hire our maxi cab limousine service for maximum comfort.

You don’t have to wait long at the airport because our drivers are very punctual and arrive before you. Just let us know the exact location and you will be dropped off there as soon as possible. You can even opt for our Singapore Maxi Cab Limousine Service for sightseeing or a leisurely ride. We have different vehicles depending on the size of your group. Our limousine will offer you an unforgettable experience. If you are looking for a royal touch to your ride, there is nothing better than hiring our Singapore taxi limousine. We ensure that the airport transfer experience makes a big difference.

SEARCHING FOR A TAXI LIMOUSINE SINGAPORE offers a wide range of transportation services in Singapore for tourists and visitors, corporate clients, the disabled and athletes.

The private wheels and sedan taxis we use include Toyota Hi-Roof, Mercedes Benz Vito, Maxi Cab, etc.

We have been dedicating our Maxi Cab limousine services Singapore for over a decade, from transportation to and from the airport, various conferences, business meetings, road shows, exhibitions and events, Singapore visit and tour, attend family celebrations, friends party or package deliver and much more! You can take advantage of our service in all forms, including those not listed here.

We specialize in airport pickup, corporate transport and taxi limousine Singapore. We offer an extensive range of chauffeured luxury and limousine transportation services, as well as travel insurance, providing our customers with superior security and protection.

Our modern and immaculate luxury sedans along with our licensed, well-trained and experienced drivers will ensure you a smooth ride and drop you off at your destination on time or ahead of time.

Whether you’re traveling for entertainment or business, you can count on us to deliver a superior travel experience. We can be at your doorstep for a one off transfer or a full day service. We have several packages to suit your budget and taste.

Services :

  • Corporate Transportation
  • Airport Transportation
  • Event & Meeting Transportation

Price detail – Mercedes Sedan Limo


  • E Class $50
  • S Class $90




  • E Class $50/HR
  • S Class $90/HR


  • E Class $450
  • S Class $850

* Price quote above include all Airport Tax, ERP and Carpark charges.

  1. Maxicab & Limousine Singapore

A common sight in Singapore, Maxicab & Limousine Booking caters to a small/medium group of passengers wishing to travel as a group to and from another location, primarily in a spacious and comfortable environment.

Sure, they’re more expensive than your average taxi or Uber, but they offer a wide range of services for almost any event, special occasion, or need.private transport Singapore

Terminology is used to describe any vehicle larger than an average 5 seater sedan or 6 seater MPV.

A common sight in Singapore, Maxicab & Limousine Booking caters to a small/medium group of passengers wishing to travel as a group to and from another location, primarily in a spacious and comfortable environment.

Sure, we might be more expensive than your average taxi or Uber, but we offer a wide range of services for almost any event, special occasion, or need.

Contact: +65 6689 2222


  1. Mercedes Sedan Limo

We offer the best limousine service in Singapore. With our leading and efficient drivers, we offer you comfortable and safe transportation. Our adaptable limousine services in Singapore are perfect for leisure travelers, venture specialists, organization officials and expats.

We offer a high quality and popular sedan armada consisting of rich cars, SUVs, MPVs or even elite sedans in Singapore. We strive to meet your limousine needs and desires. Whether it is for business meetings, events, tours, wedding parties, birthdays, corporate events and others, our expert and English speaking drivers will ensure safe and smooth transportation.

Booking a limousine in Singapore is a convenient way to have a comfortable visit. Everything you are looking for in a limousine transporter can be found in Singapore. They are sure that gaining a stunning limousine provider like us is an amazing choice.

Our limousine services are available for people who like to use air transport. Our limousine will pick you up at the aircraft terminal and take you to your exact destination.

We have customers from Middle East, Asia, Europe and Singapore for business meetings and visits. We make sure to offer our customers limousine services based on their needs and satisfaction.

Booking is just a few clicks away and free of charge. You can always reach us by calling or texting this number +65 82 338628 as we have courteous and friendly staff who are always ready to serve you.

You can also contact us via our Maxi Cab Hotline and our online booking portal.

When you book with us, we are committed to serving you with PUNCTUALITY, HONESTY and PROFESSIONALISM.

  1. SKO Maxi Cab Limousine Services

At SKOMaxiCab we offer the best airport taxi services in Singapore. Each of our services is specially tailored to your needs as our customer, so that every journey runs smoothly. Our experienced fleet of drivers have extensive knowledge of the areas around Singapore, so they can provide you with the quickest and most direct route, no matter how far away your destination is.

We offer all our customers a competitive price to provide a hassle free experience. We understand that sometimes you can book our taxi with a quick decision. Because of this, our drivers can give you an approximate price before your journey even begins. Additionally, our maxi taxi services can be easily booked through our easy-to-use online form. At the same time, you can just call our friendly team and they will arrange a taxi for you. From small trips to longer trips, we offer a comprehensive list of solutions designed with you in mind. Each of our vehicles is cleaned daily to ensure a pleasant journey. Our fleet itself includes a wide range of vehicles from smaller 4 seater to 13 seater minibuses, ensuring that whatever you are looking for you can find it via our Maxicab booking Singapore.

All of our drivers are trained to provide excellent customer service and make sure they give you all the answers you need. We pride ourselves on our highly qualified staff and this is reflected in the service provided. Each member of our team ensures nothing short of a flawless experience, providing you with a service tailored to your mood. For example, if you want to know more information about a certain area, our driver will be happy to provide you with information. This includes everything from the best restaurants to the best hotels, plus any personal recommendations you might have. And if you need rest after a long journey, they can provide you with that too. No matter what service you are looking for, you will find it with our Maxi Cab Services.

We believe our team can set the mood for your very own stress free getaway. By using maxicab sg you are immersed in an unrivaled taxi experience. Whether you’re flying away on a business trip or arriving on vacation, our 24-hour services will get you there without wasting time so you never have to rush. We can reach top destinations across Singapore in less than 15 minutes.

Have you ever waited over an hour for the bus from the airport? Don’t worry anymore. We offer the best taxi transfers from the airport. At maxi cab Singapore we strive to offer our customers only the best airport transfers. Our team will pick you up directly from the airport and bring you comfortably to your destination. In addition, you can pre-book your taxi to the airport even after your holiday is over. So rest, sit back and enjoy your vacation knowing that your journey home will be nothing short of flawless. Don’t rush to return to the airport. Instead, ride home in our convenient Maxicab SG services and catch your flight on time.

  1. Airport Limousine Service

At SKOMaxiCab we offer a wide range of bespoke Singapore airport limousines specially designed for traveling in comfort and style. Every service we offer is tailored to your needs to ensure that no matter what you are looking for, we provide a first class service. Our Singapore airport service picks you up directly from the airport and takes you straight to your final destination in the quickest way possible. Our experienced team of drivers have extensive knowledge and understanding of the areas surrounding Singapore, so they can provide you with information about the region during your trip. Find the best airport limousine in Singapore with our team.

All of our maxi taxi airport transfers are offered at an extremely competitive price to ensure they stay within your given budget. So you can travel in pure luxury without damaging your bank account. Our limousines can be pre-booked online through our website to ensure they arrive at the time you specify. In addition, you can also call our team directly to arrange limousine transport at a time that suits you. No matter the length of your trip, you can rest assured that you are traveling with the best airport transfer service in Singapore. Our limousines are serviced daily, cleaned inside and out to absolute perfection, which helps us to guarantee a superb experience every time you use our services. They come in a variety of colors so you can choose based on your personal preference. Our limousine fleet can accommodate a range of people from small groups and individuals to larger groups of friends to travel in style.

Our Limousine Drivers go through the highest quality training to ensure excellent customer service, allowing us to offer the best airport transfer service in Singapore. They have in-depth knowledge of different areas of Singapore so they can provide you with all the information you need from quality restaurants to famous bars and clubs. On the other hand, if you need rest after a long flight, our drivers will be happy to play relaxing music to help you unwind before your big vacation. No matter what you are looking for, our airport limousines in Singapore can help you.

We take pride in our services and ensure that your stress-free holiday starts off in the best possible way. We understand that airport transfers can be difficult, especially during busy periods. People will queue by the hundreds to catch the train, and taxis can often book up hours in advance. When you use our Singapore airport transfer service, your trip will be nothing short of flawless. Whether you are traveling with a group of friends, on a family vacation or on a business trip, our services will easily get you where you need to be. Our services are available 24 hours a day ensuring we are available whenever you need us. With our extensive knowledge of a range of areas, we can get you to the most popular destinations in less than 15 minutes.

Unlike traditional taxi services, we customize our Singapore airport limousines to suit our customers’ preferences. We understand that every customer has their own personal preferences, which means they expect certain things from our drivers. We pride ourselves on being able to cater to your every need and guaranteeing nothing but a flawless experience. This premium service is truly amazing and allows you to travel in luxury and style. When you arrive at your destination, our team will help you with any luggage you may have and make sure you don’t have to strain to lift it out of the limousine. If that doesn’t already sound amazing, you can also pre-book your maxi taxi airport transfer for your return to the airport. Instead of waiting for the hassle of your journey home, enjoy a stress-free luxury ride with us! Our Singapore airport transfer will pick you up directly from your chosen destination and help you with your luggage after your recovery.

If this deserved vacation. You can then rest in a comfortable sedan while our team of experienced drivers take you to the airport on time. Forget the days of stressful journey back to the airport, book your Singapore airport transfer with us and enjoy your journey home. Catch your flight with enough time and just relax.

If you have any questions about our deluxe limousine service, please feel free to contact our team directly. They are available 24 hours a day, making sure you can reach us whenever you need us. One of our friendly staff will be on hand to give you all the answers you need regarding our services and point you in the right direction. Additionally, if you wish to contact us by email, you can do so. One of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible with the answers you requested. Enjoy your stay and we look forward to hearing from you!

  1. Maxi Cab Limousine Service

For a truly unforgettable conclusion to your wedding day, use our Deluxe Maxi Cab Limousine Service. We offer a wide range of bespoke limousine services in Singapore, all of which can be tailored to suit your special day. We understand the importance of this day in your life and want to make it a day you just can’t forget. Our fleet includes a wide range of different limousines so you can choose the one that suits you best. They are available in a variety of colors and can be modified specifically to suit your needs. No matter what you are looking for, you can find your perfect transportation with our wedding limousine service in Singapore.

Our Singapore limousine service is provided to you at a market price so you don’t have to break your budget with our services. Our team understands that weddings can be expensive, which is why our low prices are designed to make your day even better without the high expense. Our high quality limousines can be used for you and your close family or any guest at the party. Once booked, they will pick you up directly from your chosen location and take you comfortably to your destination. Our drivers usually take the most direct route, but if you’ve already decided on a specific route, they can take you along that one too!

To book our wedding limousine service in Singapore, you have two easy-to-use options. First, you can book online. We have a simple form that you can fill out where you need to indicate what services you would like, for example how many limousines, and a specific date and time. We always recommend doing this a few weeks in advance. Our limousine transportation in Singapore is extremely popular all year round. By booking early, we can guarantee you trouble-free use of our limousine fleet. The second option is to book by phone. This is ideal if you want to personalize your limousine experience. Here you can speak directly to one of our friendly team members who will provide you with all the information you need. They will inform you of any personalization’s you can make, so you can tailor the experience to you and your loved ones. Whether you want a note on the limousine or want to add some personalized balloons, we can help make your day as special as possible.

All of our limousine drivers have the highest possible level of training to ensure they can provide you with the best possible experience. They are trained to treat each guest with only the highest level of decency and respect to ensure your day is nothing less than absolutely perfect. If you wish, our driver can show you different areas of Singapore during your trip, from the best bars to the fanciest restaurants and dining districts. You can play music based on your personal preferences so you, your friends and family can have the most fun.

Upon arrival at your destination, our drivers will open all doors for you and help you exit the limousine if you wish. They will collect any bags you may need and ensure your arrival is smooth and seamless. Once you exit the limousine, they leave the premises and let you enjoy your special day. Should you wish to use our limousine service again later in the day, they can wait for you or return at a time that suits you. So you don’t have to worry about transport after your wedding. Instead, you can travel to your next destination in style with our Maxi Cab limousine service.

We believe Singapore is truly a magical place to get married. With a wide range of beautiful venues to choose from, as well as world-class restaurants, bars and unique cuisine, it’s a place like nowhere else in the world. Immerse yourself in the remote beauty of Singapore with our Limousine Transportation Singapore. All of our limousines are cleaned to the absolute perfection before use to ensure both the interior and exterior are absolutely spotless. We pride ourselves on our services and only use the best cleaning services available to offer only the highest quality limousines. With a truly bespoke interior and stunning exterior, you’ll travel to any destination in style and class. Become the envy of the city with our wedding limousine service in Singapore and explore the area like never before.

Should you need to make any changes to your preferences prior to the wedding, this can be done up to 24 hours prior to our arrival. Our team will ensure these changes are made as quickly as possible to ensure our arrival is perfect for you and your family. Book our service today and discover how our limousine service can make your wedding an unforgettable one.

  1. Romaeus Limousine


They started limousine business since 2014 and established this company since 2018. Years elapsed and their business improved to serve more bigger companies and they hit over 2000 airport transportation per year. They worked hard to understand the needs of their clients. Slowly as years pass by, they dress formal, include tie with their attire, they train, study, implement, get client’s feedbacks, provide more amenities and improve everyday. It is their company’s target that good firm communication will bring them together.

Services and Price Range:

  • Transport For Bicycles or Big Items
  • Party Limousine Services

Contact: +65 8812 0015


  1. Knight Limousine


Knight Limousine was established in 2018. They provide executive and luxurious limo services for their clients for any occasion.


  • Airport Transfer
  • Corporate Events
  • Special Events

Contact: +65 9366 0336




EHB Limousine is a reliable and professional company that offers quality limousine service in Singapore. They have provided unparalleled elegance and premier comfort to some of Singapore’s most prominent corporations. With their highest calibre of vehicles, exemplary service and professional chauffeurs, they ensure that you arrive in style anywhere in Singapore.


  • Point to Point Limousine Transfers
  • Chartered Limousine Disposal
  • Airport Transfers

Location: EHB Limousine Pte Ltd, 70 Ubi Crescent #01-12, Ubi TechPark, Singapore 408570

Contact: +65 6292 7575


    1. LIMO Z


LIMO Z connects passengers to their vast network of licensed drivers and insured vehicles. They are dedicated to helping customers plan their transportation arrangements with the best possible service including Bus Booking Service, Corporate Limo Service, Limo Airport Transfer, City Tours at the most competitive price. Their fleet of newer model luxury vehicles are meticulously maintained and operated by courteous and professional drivers.


  • Limo Airport Transfer
  • Corporate Limo service
  • City Tours
  • Wedding Cars

Location: 1 North Bridge Road, #01-02, High Street Centre, Singapore 179094

Contact: +65 9386 9485


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